Pam Whitehead has been a resident of Oak Park for 30 years and has run her successful construction business in the community since 2002.  Over those 17 years she has worked on everything from new construction to historic restoration.  In 2018 the Village of Oak Park awarded P&P a Historic Preservation Award for her work at 948 N. East.  In the past she has also hosted fundraisers for the The Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest, the Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry, the Oak Park Educational Foundation and the Oak Park River Forest Soccer Program at her construction projects.

She is a member of the Entrepreneur Leaders in Philanthropy group under the umbrella of the Oak Park-River Forest Community Foundation and is an enthusiastic judge in the Big Idea contest.

Besides work, Pam has a passion for soccer.  After serving as an assistant coach in the boys and girls programs at OPRF for seven years, Pam left to go to Oak Forest High School to be a head coach.  She has attended two world cups so far, and has plans to see the women’s world cup in France this summer.

Pam is married and has had a number of “furry kids”, all rescues, and works actively in animal rescue.

“I am incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love,” she says.  “I’ve met so many great people, and seen so many beautiful homes in our community.  I’m excited every time someone trusts me with their home, and privileged to work with them to create a thing of beauty…or sometimes just fix a leaky roof!  I love it all!”

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