Brick Work

This project shows the amount of detail that was taken into consideration for our client. The existing front door was a side entrance, the home owners wanted to move the main entrance to the front of the house and make it appear as though it was original to the house. The owner also didn’t like the color of the brick which was faded and stained after 80 years of neglect.

P&P_BRICK_BEFOREThe before photo above shows the main entrance at the side of the house.



In order for the work to begin, all non-brick areas are protected before the base coat is applied. The crew applies a base coat to the brick — this is the color that will show through on the mortar joints.



Once the base is completed, technicians add individual brick colors in various tones.



The result is a stunning and seamless transformation. Not only does the front entrance appear as though it’s original to the footprint of the house, the brick color and tone make this classic four-square house a knockout. Needless to say the owners were extremely satisfied with the amount of detail that was accomplished with their renovation.